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Pilots & Combinations

Pilots & Combinations
Pilots & Combinations

Spence Engineering offers a wide range of pilots and accessories that work in conjunction with the Regulator line. These pilots and accessories give you the ability to customize your regulator to meet your specific application.

Pressure Reduction:
D Pilot
A Pilot
PC60 Controller

Temperature Control:
T14 Pilot
T124/134 Pilot
T52 Pilot
TC60 Controller
T61 Controller

Safety Pilots:
P125 Trip Stop Pilot
SP/P Pressure Safety Pilot
SP/T Temperature Safety Pilot

Electronic Control:
M Solenoid On/Off Pilot
D210 Electronic Actuator Pilot
D208 Electronic Actuator Pilot w/ Time Control

Back Pressure Control:
Q Pilot
F Pilot

Differential Pressure:
N Pilot

Spence regulators are designated by a letter representing the main valve followed by letter representing the pilot. A number indicates a modification to either the pilot or the main valve, whichever it is immediately after.

ED - Pressure Regulator
ET14 - Temperature Regulator
EQ - Back Pressure Regulator
ED210 - Electronic Pressure Regulator

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